To Bring Hope to Brain Injury Survivors & Inspire the World Through Art

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Revive Studios was formed to provide a platform for Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors to share their art with the world.

Art in all forms provides critical physical, occupational and emotional therapy to many brain injury survivors. Revive Studios provides Entrepreneurship with assistance and support! Through corporate sponsorship, private donations, and partnership with the Local Brain Injury Foundation Revive Studios awards small business scholarships to TBI Survivor artists.

These Scholarships fund the legal licensing, and development of a self sustaining business and web store. Through art, we provide hope, support, resources for advocacy, communication, and a business that these extremely talented people can be proud of. Working the average “job” is not in the cards for these folks, some with extreme physical or mental challenges. However, they shine, and strive, and paint and create everyday! Their art can bring joy in many forms, whether you hang it on your wall, wear it, or carry it in your pocket. Your support means the world to these survivors. Enjoy shopping at Revive Studios, every single purchase or donation goes directly to a Brain Injury Survivor.

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Ryan Olson

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Kurt Rotzinger